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Sigway Energy has set our sights on being Claremont’s most reliable solar energy company. We specialize in residential and commercial solar installation, repair, and more. We are also proud to offer assistance with securing the financing options you need to make your goal of switching to renewable energy achievable.

In addition to planning, permit acquisition, and installation expertise, we offer a wide variety of add-on services that include everything from solar backup storage options to electric car charger installations and off-grid solar panel systems.

Do you have questions about the viability of a solar energy installation at your home or business? Don’t hesitate to reach our licensed experts for more details. Reach us at (909) 491-9034 to book a risk-free consultation.

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How to Choose the Best Solar Panel for Your Budget

Do you need assistance selecting the best solar panel for your goals and budget? Our qualified renewable energy experts are always willing to walk you through each different solar energy brand's benefits, specific to your situation.

We recommend looking into the efficiency first, then comparing it to the average for our industry. In addition to this, you'll want to check out the details of the manufacturer's warranty associated with each different panel type. Typically, panels are warrantied for between 10 and 25 years—a large discrepancy you'll want to make sure to be aware of in advance.

Finally, we recommend comparing cost and efficiency to find the best value. As industry experts, we're deeply familiar with helping our clients connect with the best resources for renewable power. Simply dial our number to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.

Work with Meticulous Solar Installers

The quality of the work your solar installers provide is reflected in the value and longevity of your investment. For this reason, it is essential to choose qualified professionals with a solid history of delighted commercial and residential clients.

The first step to ensuring a streamlined solar installation experience is to secure permitting. Leave this in our capable hands. The depth of our expertise in procuring these documents makes it a quick and straightforward process that will give you peace of mind. The next step is to provide you with a customized solar panel installation plan that makes the most out of the sunlight that shines down on your home or commercial structure.

Lastly, we'll arrive on your scheduled panel installation day with all the tools, materials, and paneling we need to complete your installation to the highest industry and safety standards.

Solar Financing Incentive and Rebates

Would you like to explore solar financing, government incentives, and rebate options? A quick call to set up an appointment to consult with us will set the wheels in motion. Reach us to learn more about making your goal of affordable solar energy a reality.

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Sigway Energy is a local solar company offering a full suite of value-driven solar energy equipment and installation expertise. We’re best known for going the extra mile for you.

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